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Radial or not

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will having radial wheels on my Foreman matter?
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radial wheels? or tires?
What type of riding are you going to mainly do?
Radials will give you better traction and handling at speed.
So it really doesn't matter. I heard that they are only good on IRS machines.
I put Holeshot radial ATR's on my 03 Foreman 450s and it made a HUGE difference in handling. The steering feels much lighter and it doesnt feel like its going to roll over in sharp turns or off cambers. The traction is also alot better but the hadling is what I noticed to be the biggest improvement.
Thanks for the info guys. i think i'm going to get teh bighorns as soon as i can afford a set. by the way are you running 4 all the way around or do u have diff sizes?
Most go with the same diameter tire front and rear for the 4wd to work properly, with a slightly narrower tire in the front than the rear. Say 25x8x12 fronts w/ 25x10x12 rears.....Or, 26x10x12 fronts w/ 26x12x12 rears.......
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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