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Right Front wheel bearing was replaced with new ball joints. When I put everything back togther I noticed that the same wheel still has a little wobble in it. That's not normal right? What could be the issue? Maybe the axle? Any advice or ideas would be greatly appreciated BTW, I have an 02' Rubicon 500
I went thru this; replaced the ball joints tie rod ends and a arm bushing, the wheel bearings, it was the whole knuckle that stopped it
I bought both on ebay for $198 if your running heavy tires I can almost guarentee they need to be replaced or will soon need to be
I bought my bike with both wheels wobbly, that was 3 weeks ago, I was on it today riding it hard, new knuckles were the solution, hope that helps if you go that route and need help on the install reply here I got you.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts