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quick tunning question

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i made a post a week ago about popping and spitting while under a load. thanks to all who replied, she now runs great. changed out the 170 jet to a 165 and adjusted the clip to the 3rd one down. now this is whats happening....on decell, the exhaust pops. i have the mixture screw set at 2 1/2 turns out. should it be in more or could it be the needle needs to be adjusted to another notch??? its bad enough that my wife rides on the back and she says she smells gas .

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try dropping the needle down another notch and adjust the air-fuel mixture another 1/2 turn out.
so let me try to get this right before i do it.
right now the clip is on the 3rd notch down from the top, move it to the 2nd from the top or the forth from the top?? and turn the mixture screw richer 1/2 turn ??? or leanner ???
can you tell me more on what this is doing??
sorry for the newbe question

I would try moving the needle clip back to the stock position. I also had the same promblem as you so I put the 165 jet in, 2 1/2 turns out on the screw (which was already set) and I am almost perfect. Every now and then I get a pop out the exhaust, but mine would do that even back when it was stock.
which notch is the stock position.
you think by removing the 2 shims from under the needle would do it ????
position 3 is the oem setting.yes making the air mixture screw richer actually stops the popping in the exhaust.if that still does not cure it get a low speed jet one size bigger than stock and try the 2 turns out setting and go from there.the needle does not affect the deceleration because the throttle is closed and the needle is for 1/4 - 3/4 throttle openings.0 -1/4 throttle is the low speed jet.
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