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Quick Question!!

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Hey guys, Would a front differential off a.. say a newer model like 02 - 06 foreman 500 or rubicon 500 work on a 99' 450? And would i be able to use the push button 4wd?
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you gotta wire the traxloc (2wd/4wd) into the foreman its self, so save yourself the work and get yourself a Warn 4-2-4, does the same thing but no electronics to mess around with.

I've got the 424, The thing is, My differential is sorta messing up, And i have access to some wrecked bikes, So that's why i was wondering if it would fit the 99' 450. the guy has a crashed out 04 rubicon 500, I'd like to know if it would work with no problems, Will it have the same ratio and stuff?
it has been done but will require alot of work. the frame will have to be cut out some to accept the new style diff. a switch will have to be run. you may also have to cut and weld up a front driveshalf for it, it will have to be shortened. What is wrong with the one you have, is it messed up so bad that it want take a rebuild?
Sounds like a good time to upgrade to a locker

Least thats what i would do in the same circumstances your in
Yeap, i may just do that, I didn't know what it would take to swap them out. But yeah mine is fixable, May just have to put the ole locker in it...
Go for the DGL. You will thank yourself for it.
Who has the best prices on the DGL?
what year was it when they did the Traxloc on the 450? Was it 02'? If so do you think that would work?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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