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QUICK QUESTION...before 30 day Warranty is gone...

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When ever I start my 2002 Foreman 450 I seem to hear the piston moving inside the housing. After a while it seems to quiet down, but it always seems like I can hear some movement in the motor other than just it running. Is this normal for the 450? I've never really listened to any other bikes run, so I'm not really sure what it should sound like. But if this is a tell tale sign of something wrong, I want to be able to tell the dealer before my warranty (for a used bike) is up. So if anyone can share some info that would be great. seems to run fine and it has a lot of power....but this is my first bike, so I'm not really sure how much power it should have. But it seems good.

Thanks in advance for the info.

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With out hearing what you are hearing it's hard to say. Bring it to him and express your concerne get them to write a service ticket on it and check it out before the warranty is up. If it fails shortly after, you may be covered since you complained about it while it was still in warranty.

At least you will have a record of it. It may go for a long time and never give you trouble.

Could be timing chain or something like that.
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