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Quick Question about my 450S

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I have noticed that a lot of 450S owners on here post that their bikes will do around 47 to the 50's MPH. Well, I haven't gotten mine above 37 MPH since I bought it. Even in 5th gear wound out on flat ground.

My bike is a 2002 450S stock engine, 26 inch MUDLITES, and a PERFEX Long Travel Kit. Other than add-ons.

Does anyone know of what I could do to boost the power...or if there may be something I should check that may be bad on my bike to cause this loss of power?

Could the clutch be the culprit for the problem?

Clark (SupermanWV)
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I have a 99 450ES and it seems as though 40 MPH is the fastest I can go. Mine is a bone stock engine on 26" Mud lites. I will soon be installing the 4-2-4 in hopes that with the front diff disengaged i will gain a little speed so I can keep up with the others I ride with. One thing I will say is that the 450 has some power. I may not always keep up but they sure like it when I can pull em out of the mud. I had to pull my buddy's Polaris 700 twin out 3 times today. Makes me really appreciate what these were designed for.
Mine isn't full time 4 wheel drive. And I can't get any extra speed to save my life. But I can't figure any reason why my bike doesn't have the power it should. It only has like 690 miles on it. It is in great shape, and speed.

What could be its problem?

Clark (SupermanWV)
pipe and jet it with a clutch kit and snorkle and a magic box i was hitting 60 till i put gear reduction in it now do 40

Thanks for the info. I'll look into those things...but I'm trying to determine if there may be something wrong somewhere that is causing this lack of power.


I'm not sure I understand. Have you no power or just not much top end speed?
Well...not sure....I guess.

The power seems fine, other than I can't really pull a wheely in 1st gear. Unless going up hill and punching it. But speed is deffinetly low.

But really I don't know, because this is my first 4 wheeler since way back. I was on them a lot when I was younger but I don't remember much what the power was like back then. I don't have anything to reference my bike to, so I don't know if its the way it should be, power wise, or not. I would think that in 1st gear I could easily get the front end up with no problem....but there again, I don't know what this bike should or shouldn't be able to do. Other than seeing guys with them on here with videos/pics of the front ends up....looking like it was easy to do.

Well one thing to say is the Foreman is a utility ATV not a sport. It is much heavier than its sporty cousins. These ATV's were designed for utility use such as towing and hauling. The ideal ATV for the workman or hunter. With my 450 Foreman I have yet to be stuck unless doing something where I anticipated getting stuck and even then it was hard. The only time I would like to have the top end speed is when going on open flat trails other than that it does what I want. If your previous experience with four wheelers is the likes of the light sporty kind then yes you will notice a big difference. They are apples and oranges.
I guess I'll just ride it till it dies then. I guess if something is really wrong it will come out in the future.

I do want some more power. What is the cheapest way to add a little more power? Does the Magic Power Box really do anything for power?

Or would an exhaust be more beneficial? And if I do a new exhaust do I have to jet it? If so, how hard is it really to do the jetting myself? I'm pretty mechanically inclined...although I haven't done much work on 4 wheelers. But I'm all for trying. Mostly work on trucks and tractors. Can't be that much difference....RIGHT?


i get over 55mph with 27 zillas. i think you guys dont push the paddle hard enough. haha
QUOTE ("vettepin":3my7k749)
i think you guys dont push the padd...throttle cable to get alittle more out of it.
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