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Quick question about ITP MudLites

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I have MudLites on my SS112 rims, and at low speeds (under 5 mph) on pavement they make my handlebars shake uncontolably. It is crazy. When I'm holding on to the handlebars they shake like nothing I've ever felt before.

Is this normal? Or do I need to check for some sort of problem with my bike. It never did this with the stock tires and I've only been running the MudLites for a month now. Is this just something I need to get use to?

Thanks for any info you can give.

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shouldn't do this at all, i had a set of mudlites and never did that. maybe check your lugs and make sure they are all tight, you may have a wheel out of round. i believe the new ss wheels have a lifetime warranty.

you may want to switch out 1 wheel at a time with your stock wheels and tires and see if you can narrow down the problem
The mudlites I have are the ones with 1 and a 1/16th inch deep treads. I saw the others...NOT XLs...that had only about 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch tread. Maybe the larger tread I have just runs ruffer. After 5 mile an hour they don't vibrate hardly at all. Maybe its just the depth of the tread rolling over that makes them vibrate so much during low speeds. The wheels and tires are brank new. I'm sure they would pull left or right on trails and dirt if the tire was out of round. Like I said, the vibrating only happens on pavement.

I'm running 27" Super Lights (same tread as MudLite XL) on ITP SS 106 wheels. At low speed on pavement they "rumble" but not what I consider excessivly for a tire with such a deep tread. I'm running at 2 psi for now. Increasing the pressure should decrease outer tread contact and reduce some of the vibration.
The front tires on my brothers Sportsman were actually balanced. I told him Polaris had to do that to keep the front end from falling apart. Maybe balancing would help with your vibration but I can't see the weights holding up to much serious mudding.
I guess it could be because I've never had rough tread before on this bike. I had worn out stock tires for the longest time...and they ran smooth. I guess since it doesn't do it over 5mph, I shouldn't worry about it doing it under 5mph. BUT IT SURE DOES SHAKE.

i just rode my buddies. he has the xtr's smooth as could be on pavement. if you think its normal to have them vibrate like that, then go with it. though it doesn't sound right at all for any of the mudlites, they aren't a rough riding tire.
I have them on my 450 and 300 and they ride just fine. No wobbles.
MudLites ride really good, but they sucked in the mud.
That's just my opinion, they do awesome burnouts though.
The rear ones ride fine...its just the front that are rough. And its only when under 5mph. Probably under 3mph. I guess it is weird that the front does it and the rear doesn't. But the rear has more weight on it, maybe it puhes them down, and therefore flattens them out. Maybe the front doesn't have enough weight. I'll try driving it with my plow on and see if that makes any difference.

What air pressure do you all run in your IPT MudLites. Maybe my pressure is all wrong and throwing things off. There doesn't seem to be anything wrong in the front end. Everything looks good, and there are no bends on anything. And when on dirt or gravel it doesn't happen, and it tracks straight.

I don't know what to think.

when i had mine i ran around 4 1/2 pounds. play around with your air, that may be your problem.
I have mudlite XL's and they DO run rough at very low speeds (under 4-5 mph in 1st gear!) on concrete but a) my time on concrete is very low and
my time on concrete going that slow is even smaller. They're a big lugged tire, so it's not gonna ride like the stocks do and that's just the facts.
Also, I have a lot of pressure in mine somewhere around 5-6 psi I think. My dealer put that much in there and I've yet to adjust them at all since I have found the ride and performance to be fine the way they are. Just my 2-cents.
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The MUDLITE XLs are have a way deeper lug than the regular MUDLITEs. So I do expect them to run rough...its just weird that I don't notice the rear riding as rough as the front. But at speeds over 5mph, I don't notice any vibration.

The real feeling is like a major vibration at low speeds but like after it vibrates so much...which seems to be about every 4 or 5 rotations of the tires it seems to peak and vibrate the most for that split second...then back to normal vibrate and continually gets worse for 4 or 5 rotations then it peaks and vibrates the most, again and again and again and again, until I hit 2nd gear and over 5mph and it stops. I notice it a little on hard packed gravel too, and not so much on dirt and grass and mud...unless the ground is really dry and my tread doesn't dig in.

I hope all is good, I don't want to have to worry about it.

I tightened the tie rod ends, but they were not really loose at all. I do notice that my wheels on the front have sort of a towed out look...(front of the tires look as if they are running from each other when the handlebars are straight. NOT real bad though...but deffinetly some...Could this be a problem. IF SO HOW DO YOU ADJUST THAT TO CORRECT PROPORTIONS?)

I'll mess with the air pressure too. They all have around 5-7 pounds, closer to 7. Maybe lowering the front to 3 pounds and the rear to 5 would make a big difference. WHAT IS THE LOWEST YOU CAN RUN THEM WITHOUT THE TIRE WANTING TO COME OFF THE RIM WHILE IN A TURN?

What are some of the air pressures used by you all?

Thanks for any info and all your help...

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lowering the front air pressure to 3 pounds and the rear to 5 pounds helped a lot. Its still a little ruff though.

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