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Quick info/help needed! 2005 Foreman ES

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I am buying a 2005 Foreman ES tomarrow and test drove it today. The quad is in awesome shape and looks brand new. The only thing is that it upshifts no problem but it dosent want to downshift till at almost a stop, when the rpm's drop. I am also buying a Rancher ES from him and he said he had to have an RPM sensor on it adjusted because it wouldnt go into reverse. He said the Foreman never did it before but that might be the problem. Also as it was slowing down as you push the downshift button you can hear it making an actuaor type motor sound each time. I just hope I can find out what it would be before I go pick it up... Any ideas?

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My wife's Recon ES is the same way.Been like that since new,I thought it was supposed to be that way so you don't downshift at too high a speed and over-rev the engine.
Its wierd because litteraly, almost a dead stop and then all the way from 5th to 1st, you slow down slow enough to be in the bottom end of 1st.
the nose like a motor when you down shift is the eletric shift motor so nothing wrong there, but my 500 i dont have to almost stop to down shift. i dont know hwats wrong there.
Nope,that sounds different,the Recon ES will shift down before a complete stop but you do have to be out of the throttle(Thumb completely off the lever)It's probably the angle sensor.Easy part to replace at the front bottom half of the engine.I don't want to disappoint you,but after so many problems with my wife's Recon ES I don't think I'll ever buy another ES model again.
I slow down with the downshift button and I do not have to let off of the throttle, if fact it downshifts better when I am into the throttle. I doubt it is an angle sensor if there is nothing blinking.
Sure it don't just need the clutch adjusted? I had to have mine adjusted one time and have not had any problems since.
hmmmm i say buy an Smodel, but thats just me haha, could be the clutch a buddies recon did the same thing
Can anybody tell me the general idea of what it takes to adjust it, I heard it was easy, or how about a link maybe to where someone has talked about it before?

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