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quick exhaust snorkel questions

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i know this is a question for any 4wheeler but there isnt a place for just that so i did it here. i might make a exhaust snorkel this weekend for my rubicon. i am wanting to make it come right aganst the rack and make a mount so it will be pulled tight to my rack. i am wanting to know if the paint will be burnt off my rack because of the snorkel and also since the snorkel is going to be so close to my plastic (mostly my fender) will the plastic melt?
Thanks for all your help, Aaron
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I don't think that you will have too much of a problem, i gave myself about a 1" gap between the plastics and nothing has melted so far. I made a mount and welded it to the rear rack and then used a high temp. paint so I haven't had any problems with the paint. I imagine if you are putting on an exhaust snorkel then you are going to be in a lot of water and that will keep it cool.
also i am thinking about putting a flapper on the end of the snorkel. would the flapper get anoying from it flapping all the time or would i even hear it flapping? do you just think i should make a 45* bend at the top? i know this is kind of a up in the air question but just tell me what you think.
I have ridden with a guy w/ a sem style flapper on his snorkel. It was a novelty and funny for about 10 min, then the clanking just got annoying.
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