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Questions for the Techs working for Honda....

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Have you guys seen or heard of Honda taking any response to some the broken parts on the 500's?

I have seen and heard of quite a few trans problems now, most of which first gears - dogs or gears wearing. And some u joint issues.

Reading an earlier post of honda supplying a beefier output shaft has got me wondering if you guys have heard of anything.
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That would be very helpful if anyone could answer that!!!
I have a TRX500FE apart now that needs several gears & 2 shift forks .. 1 of the gears is back ordered ..
QUOTE ("Honda Mechanic":1s6k7nvd)
I have a TRX500FE apart now that needs several gears & 2 shift forks .. 1 of the gears is back ordered ..
I have been there twice now. Has Honda noticed or said anything about the gear failures?
If they are on back order then they are going through a lot of them, you would think that they would have to notice.

just because they are on back order that might not mean the they go through a lot of them because ive order a 1.00m piston and it has been on back order for a 5weeks. i dont think that many people have order 1.00m pistons.. but i am one too that has had trans problems like first gear going out!
yea im wondering bout that too.... i know a bunch of us had oil leaks on around output shaft.
sorry to bring up old thread but my front out put shaft has beeen leaking and my first gear just went : ( what can i do to not have to pay for this maybe like a petition or something to show my dealer cause i dought **** cover this under warranty cause i have snorkle and 28in EDLs any thoughts?
take your snorkel off, put on some stock tires, and beg and plead. How many miles you got on yours?
950 to 1000 can go look and i mud the sh!t out of it but thats all thats wronge i have no holes in plastic from snorkle so it might just work but dealers are jerks
I finished the TRX500FE about 1 week after last last post (above) that's when the back ordered gear came in .. Here are a few pics of the replacement parts ..

New gears etc.

Chipped gears ..

Worn shift fork..

New gears (6) ,shift forks (2) ,shift fork guide (1) & shift drum (1) .. The old transmission on the pink rag and the new replacement parts on the gray rag ..

Engine cases cleaned ,new parts in and ready to re-assemble..

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so what is your professional opinion, cheap parts? This is scary, I have a yellow 06 picked out. I am going with the Foreman 500ES instead of the Ruby because of the supposed simple/bulletproof design. What would you do Honda Mechanic? Thanks
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