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Okay, here it is!!! First here is the backgound, this past weekend out running in a lot of water, now I have a ESP,D1,D2 error (blinking 5 times). Oh ya I have a 2005 500 Canadian Trail Edition Rubicon. From what I have read on previous posts sounds like a angle sensor can someone confirm this! thanks. Now the question, I also read that the angle sensors have drainage holes in them, could water have gotten in there and messed things up, if so can it be dried our or does it have to be replace. Oh ya, where is the angle sensor located. Any respones will be appreciated.
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Thanks for the reply Honda Mechanic, can you tell me where the angle sensor is located and can a backyard mechanic replace this? Do you need any special tool etc?
it is on the front of the crankcase and no i dont believe that you need any type of speacialty tool
very easy to change it will take you 5min.
Okay, I found the angle sensor there is a allen key under the heat shield at the back of the sensor that a regular length key won't fit under so do you have to cut the allen wrench or is there another way??? (looks like a pain to remove the heat shield ) thanks for any replies
The heat shield comes off easy (just hose clamps hold it on) but you can change the angle sensor without removing it if you want ,just a little harder getting at the screws .. Don't forget to put a pre-load on the angle sensor when you install it ..
GREAT!!!! thanks for the replies everyone!!!!!
Well, I finally repaced the angle sensor today and the bike is running fine. Thanks to all who responded. This is a great site for finding answers to problems and repairs. Keep up the good work Honda Foreman

Honda Mechanic, check your PM
We had a few Rubicons that ran hotter than others .. They went thru a few angle sensors because they are so close to the header pipe .. So we made a plate that goes over the angle sensor to block the heat from the exhaust and had no more problem with them ..

Your dealer should have contaced Honda if the header melted your sensor ,I'm sure Honda would replace it at no charge ...
well, the angle sensor was melted due to the fact that its too close to the exhaust system. Called Honda and they basicallly said "TO BAD" and won't do anything about it Honda Mechanic, I remember in another post you mentioned that you made a heat shield!!! Can you tell me what it is made of and how and where you fastened it to protect the angle sensor.
Thanks Brian
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