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Hypothetically here....say you got 4 29.5x10x12 Tires, and all are on stock Honda wheels, The front wheels are skinnier then the rears, so are the fronts gonna be a lot taller????
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Mine all measure out to be the same. But yeah, it should be a different size because of the widths of the wheels.
Euro - you have ITP wheels and they are same width on all 4 corners. Stock wheels are not.
i got 27x10 on the front but i have 27x12 on the rear and the front with the same 3psi are about a inch taller
I was thinking about the same thing the other day, I wonder if they would work ok on my deltas, I was thinking of going back to my stock rims when I go bigger there is a huge weight difference.
do the delta's weigh more than the stock wheels cause they have the 8 inch wide version in black i thought about geting two 12x7 and two 12x8 to mount the 29.5 outlaws on since i'm gonna try 10 and 12's
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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