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Question that puzzles me

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I have a 99 foreman 450 ES,of coarse it's full time 4x4, I have my 424 on order, And my question is.. When you hit the brakes now, say the front ones it seems to work the back ones.. But how, does it slow the shaft down which slows the back down? Here's another question, When i install the 424, Will i be able to power brake it and the back wheels spin or what you think?

Sorry if this sounds weird, I know i'm probably over thinking this LOL.
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read ur manual it should tell you, mine still has the sticker on the fuel tank that says the breaking is weird because of the full time 4wd
Your bike is full time 4wd, therefore when you apply either the front OR rear brakes the braking action will be transfered to all 4 wheels through the transmission. When you install a 424 you will be able to apply the front brakes and spin the back wheels as there is no link when the 424 is disengaged. Both front and rear brakes will work independantly.
Cool thanks bro, I was just wondering about that.
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