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Question on my Warn winch

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I have a 2500 Warn winch that is only a year or so old, maybe used 10 times, anyway while out riding this past weekend I cam across another guy who had flipped his quad in a ravine. I opted to winch him out, I tied my rear hitch to a tree and ran my winch cable down to him, he hooked his quad up and I started winching him out. Half way up the bank (quad only) the winch let go and the quad went screaming back to the bottom, I dis-engaged (free spool lever) the winch and re-engaged it again, it sounded like it was stripped, I barely got it to reel in the empty cable. I got back home a couple of hours later the winch seems to be working fine? any ideas? do I need to replace it? I pulled out all of the cable and hooked the other end to my boat and pulled my atv across the street while applying the brake and putting alot of pressure on the winch.
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