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question on HMF utility pipe..

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i have heard that you can not use your heat sheild on the 05 foreman once you install a HMF pipe..if this is true how hot does it get back their..?? my wife rides with me..,do you think i have any heat worries or is their any after market heat sheild availible..??

also found this site to be real good with dealing with HMF exhaust questions..hope it's ok to link to..
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No you cant run the heat shield as its attatched to the factory muffler. I have one on my 04 and dont have any probs with heat, it does get warmer than the other side but nothing to worry about. If you wanted I suppose you could make a heat shield out of some aluminum and mount it where the pipe mounts to the frame
or if it is getting to hot for you, you could clean the underside of the plastic and put insulation there
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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