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Question on a Cycle Counrty plow set up.

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I would like to now who has one and do you like it????what are the pros and looking at a 48" straight blade..any info would be greatfull....
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I don't have one on my quad but my friend does and he seems to have no problems with it. It mounts very easy w/u-bolts over the frame but the only downside of the mounting plate is that it can get banged up if you don't take it off when trail riding. I think it's a good, quality plow and would consider getting one when i'm in the market.

I have a Foreman 500 -07 and I use a 60" cycle country blade and it works fine for me. Have only tried it once but the winter is coming so I will be using it more soon......


How are that made,are thay cheaply made? or is it a good unit
The quality is OK. I think that there is no need for the blade to be more massive because it would only weigh down the nose of the atv.
And also the power that the blade has to put with is relatively low. So my opinion is that the blade is strong enough for plowing with a atv.
As I wrote earlier I have only tried it out once but it worked really good.
I have one on my Rubi no problems works great. Little bit of a pain to take on and off. Am surpised how much snow the quad will move.
I have one that I had bought with my 94 400 bayou. I still have the blade and its still in good shape.
cycle country plow

I have the cycle country state plow and I love it, i've plowed to both side with a max of 10 inches of wet snow and my 05 foreman had no problems. this will be my first year with a winch. they say to use a short cable on the winch if your doing it this way. I also found that I can plow on grass quite well. I was very impressed.
I had one for my rancher and it didn't hold up as well as i'd hoped ...I was using it comercially tho.I sold the cycle country and bought a tusk plow from RM ATV and it is the best plow i have ever had.The quick attach system is really slick laying on the ground to put pins in.get the 2 frame hooks over the mount pins and the spring loaded latches hook over and voila your done.It's similar to a boss or western quick mount coupler retainer for a pickup truck...If you even know what i am talking about.
I have a Cycle Country plow and love it very much, it is very easy to put on and to take off!

I have a 05 Foreman 500S and the blade is 54 inch.

I use my wich that is a warn 2500 with rocket switch.

Do not even have to take my hands off the handles, also have heated grips and thumb warmers, with mits on the handles.

I can plow everything even dirt with it. The attachement that goes under is very strong and with the 4 u-bolds, holds very well. Do not think that youo have a tank and run fast in snow banks with it thow. Be carefull and plow slowly, and you would not damage anything.

I have 250 feet of gravel road to plow uphill, and no problemo!

Here's some pics of last year!!

I think that this year I will put some MudLites XL 26 on my bike, the tires
are geeting preety worn.

Cheers, if any questions let me know!

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