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question for honda techs

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hey honda tech, i was reading through that file and had a question for you. I've just recently jetted my 06 with a dynojet 170, k&n filter and i still have the stock exhaust but i don't have the spark arrestor in it, its got a tip on it instead. Now whe i'm trail riding in 1st, and 2nd kinda sputters a bit but does really well as long as i'm staying on the gas hard. Is there a way that i can change out the slow jet with one of the other jets that came with the jet kit or should i leave that alone? my needle is set on the top clip position and i turned the air/fuel out 2 1/2 from the best of my knowledge....kinda hard to tell with the little tool that came with the kit......what do you suggest i do to get the low gear cruising sputter to stop?
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I would put the clip on the 3rd notch (from the top of the needle) and use the 165 jet. 2.5 turns out on the A/F screw.

What color is your plug now? Black?
well the 165 jet is in my old foreman that i sold to my thats why i'm using the 170 jet, i'm happy with it so far its just the sputtering every now and then when i'm trail riding in low gears. I'll try to move the needle down to the 3rd clip and check the plug
where is honda tech when you need him?
Truegrit is an awesome substitute, take counsel my friend.
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