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Question for honda mechanics!! Foreman and rubicon

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was wondering if all the body and chasis parts are the same. only difference is the engine right? I have a 2006 and was wondering what years coincide with each other?
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if i remeber right as long as its a 2006 rubicon any thing except the trans and motor.. will work. any way thats how it is in 2005
i know alot of stuff interchange between the two but im not sure if they all do. all you have to do is get the part number and see if they match up.
wanted to know cause some things aftermarket are available for one and not the other.
i know for sure that the exhausts and air filters are the same becaue i sold them to people that had foreman 500's. if you are going to buy something, i would ask on here to make sure first.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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