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Question for high altitude operation

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I am going to Colorado on a 10 day hunting trip, I know we will be somewhere between 8k and 10 k feet while we are there. I hope I can get away without changing the jet in my carb to run, has anyone expierenced this situation before and if so any suggestions? I have a 2005 Foreman ES.
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I have been to Colorado several times and have never messed with the jetting. I live in WV where the elevation is below 2500 feet. I have noticed a decrease in power at the higher altitudes and the bike will sometimes stall out when you come to a stop. More of an aggravation than a problem. You might want to put in a new spark plug before you go.
Went in June. Changed the jets and the bike ran great. It is really pretty easy if you can get someone to tell you how many turns on the A/F screw. I don't remember, but I can find out. About 30 minutes and it was worth it.
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