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Question for anybody that may work in the service department

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I know this is stupid, but I got a quick question for anybody that may know the answer.

Do they charge more when somebody brings in an ATV that is covered with mud (dry or wet)?

I am diong some regular maint on a friends Sportsman and they gave it to me coated with crap. I normally wouldn't charge them for what I am doing, but it is so dang filthy that I almost want to charge them.

Just curious.
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20 bucks.

If nothing else, it will deter them from doing it again! They can always swing by the car wash for 5 bucks.

My nickels worth,

I would clean off detail it and charge them 50 bucks for detailing. Add it to the bill.
It's a respect thing, IMO.
You can't work on a dirty bike, you have to clean it good first. It takes about 25-30mins to pressure wash one good. At $50/hr thats $25. Just add it to the bill, include the half hour you spent washing it with the time actually fixing it.

My. $0.02
Just my opinion,but I work on my friends bikes all the time and I charge them for the repairs.When I get done with the repairs,I wash and detail the bike,get it looking really good and when they come to get it they always leave me a nice $ tip! It's something they really appreciate and they always bring it back to me for their service.
I have a friend that owns an ATV repair shop. Hanging on the wall is a big sign that states that any muddy/dirty atv's brought to him are subject to a clean up fee.

Charge Them!!
the worst part of the deal is that when they pulled it into the shop, a family shop that we share, they parked it next to the hot water pressure washer.

I have all of the plastic taken off now, so while it is in a skeleton form I will blast it clean and then blast the plastic prior to putting her back together.

Let me also say that after working on the snowmobile on wheels, I still like my rubi better.
I worked at a honda shop in the 6 years ago in Muscatine, IA. Back then if a farmer brought in a muddy quad they got charged $60.00 extra for us to clean it..

Honda dealership here has a sign that shows a fee for washing of mud and cow dung.
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