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Question about bike temps

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New guy here and more importantly new to the 4wheeler world. Anyway, I was reading the thread about putting the a temp guage on the bike. I really like this mod, but I was wondering if cylinder head temp was the only way to accuratly monitor bike temps or would an oil temp guage work as well. Thanks for any and all replys

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I think with any air-cooled engine that cylinder head temp. is very important,too hot and you're going to be scoring pistons and cylinder walls.
Where can I purchase a cylinder head temp.guage...And how much $ ?
Just to understand something, will head temps change more than oil temp? I mean, will oil temp not really give an accurate idea of motor temp? The only reason I'm asking is because installing an oil temp guage wouldn't be very hard and easier to find too. Thanks for helping me out.

I bought a head temp. gauge from is made by VDO and is simple to install.The sensor gets installed under the sparkplug(however,I installed mine under a head mounting bolt)Normal operating temp is around 350 degrees,the fan kicks on somewhere around 375 degrees.
There sure is alot of gauges at jegs, wich one did you get? can you find it and post the web address?
It's JEGS part no. 918-310901(VDO cockpit style head temp. gauge)
Your welcome,I didn't know how to make a link to it...You can go to and enter that part number in the "search" box.
here is how to post an address.
just go to the page you want to post and look up at the address bar.
then right click the address and select copy then go to the reply page
and right click again and select paste.
thats all there is to it.
hows it built, think it can take water up in it? that is my biggest consurn about putting it in.

Man, 76 bucks is a little high for a guage! I wasn't expecting to pay that much but oh well.

I was worried about water getting in it too,so I sealed around the bezel and around the back of the gauge with silicone.So far it has worked.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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