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Quality lifts for our 500's?

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Just curious,
Anyone willing to offer their opinion on the most "safe" and "successful" lift kits for the 500? I'm getting bored with my 26's and I would love to squeeze some 29.5's in there. I just want a quality lift that is proven and true...know what I mean...

Thanks for your time.
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jus for what its worth, a guy I have seen around here, didnt use a lift on the rear to fit his 29.5s on a 500
high lifter has a good lift but there is also perflex long travel lift either one of them is good hl is what i have on mine with 27x12x12 in the back they still rub the fender a little. the hl lift took about 30 mins to put on dont know about the perflex lift never put on on. hl lift does not put cv in to big of a angle so they r less likely to break.
I would pick highlifter's.....but there are other ones out there
highlifters lift would be a good choice, but ultimately its up to you, there are many others out there

i got mine off ebay, it was 90 shipped all stainless good kit, well worth the money
Raveer makes a pretty tall lift. You may want to PM him. Although I am not sure the staus of his shop after the recent storms.
I would pick Highlifters or this one

<a href="" target="_blank"> ... index.html</a>

I made mine from this and it has worked fine. But, you will have to make some modifications for your Foreman 500 because this lift kit is for a Rubi and a 450.
My lift is by far the strongest out there. I use 1/4 steel plate for the front and rear lift. I am the cheapest also. But unfortunatly I cannot make any at this time. If you are willing to wait I will take care of you but with all of the hurricane problems I haven't the time.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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