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Quad wont start!

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Friend has a '00 350FM. He was out pushing snow this past weekend and now cant get the quad to start. Bike goes from reverse to 1st but will not stay in neutral to start the thing. When trying to rock the quad back and forth, the neutral light blinks on and then goes out.

what sensor should we be looking for and where? or any other problem areas?

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is there a way check the neutral switch?
The neutral switch on the TRX350FM is under the alternator cover (rear engine cover) it can be removed with the engine in the frame if you remove the swingarm ..

The neutral wire is light green/red
Thanks, HM
what kind of reading should I get from the neutral switch?
The gear position switch should have continuity to ground when in neutral..
Thanks, I'll be pulling connectors this wknd to see what it up.
Hopefully just melted snow in a connector and needs some di-electric.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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