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putting a rincon guage thing on a foreman

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i really like the way the rincon look without the 3rd headlight, so i wanna take off my headligt and put a guage surround off a rincon and put in on mine, has anyone did this yet? i know rincon guys put foreman headlights on there rincon,
here is a pic of a rincon with a foreman headlight

the cluster shot

if anyone knows any info about this, or why this wouldnt work, or any info at all it would be super
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but then your Foreman will look like a Rancher?? But that swap looks like it would be easy enough, im sure the parts are pretty cheap, buy them and give it a shot.
I still want that Rincon front end on my Foreman, i love that scoop thing.
I would post up and ask if someone wanted to swap light for scoop, I know if I didn't have my center light I would want one, I love that light
This is funny...because I always wanted the Foreman Light and Foreman Bumper on my Rincon.

if ya dont got it you want it and if ya got it ya dont want it
i plan to cut the bumpers ears off so it wont cover the headlights, a putting a rincon front rack on the front (it will need new tabs to bolt it too) getting both racks painted silver, should of just bought a rincon
I just installed the Warn Front Bumper from it's starting to look better now...I plan to install some steel mesh over the headlights for protection...and I plan to remove the front and back racks and paint both of them black...I think that will look cool.

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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