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Put the Foreman 500 to work

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I used the 500 S today to skid some logs out of the woods.Boy! was I impressed! It's new with only 26 miles on it but it was time to put it to work.I have 25" dirt devils.I was pulling Birch logs 12-16 feet long and probably 16-20 inches in diameter.The ground was soft and snow covered.Man! I couldn't believe it. Wish I had the camera with.Once I got moving I could shift up to 3rd. gear to keep momentum.
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You'll be surprized as to what them Foreman's will do. Low end grunt is their
Oh yea they have some good working grunt to them..

Ive done the same by pulling logs out of the woods and other random work and they do it well.
I use mine to pull logs around, and i love the power. once I catch traction you cant stop me!!!
I use mine for pullin couches, love seats, recliners, matresses, a jet ski, a bbq pit, along with quite a few other things that i just wanted to see if i could pull.
That's cool! I was afraid of breaking something,but OH,Well.Have you ever had it start hopping when in a hard pull?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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