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pulling to the right in my steering

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I just went on a ride up the road and noticed that my steering is pulling really hard to the left....what can I do to fix that without having to take it to the dealer?
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tie rod out of alignment.
did u get new tires, lift, or hit a whole lately? any of those could cause your steering to pull to one way
not that i'm aware of.... where can I adjust those to get it back in line?
its kinda of pain to do. but i would recommend doing it yourself, it will save you money and u will learn something.
do search, i know someone has posted a topic on this before.
you could also check your air pressure, that will also make it pull if the air is low in a tire. to answer your question, there are nuts on the end of the tie rods, just loosen them to adjust them.
I put 589s on ITP C-series type 7 on my 06, stock size from factory and both front tires were towing out.....had to adjust the tie rods on mine to
my tow in/out. didnt change and im runnin 10s iin the front
factory specs say they are suppossed to be towed out.
well i must have hit something because i'm running 27x10x12 on the front and they were put on at the dealer when i bought it and its just recently that i've noticed it pulling....i just dont know where to adjust or what bolts to mess with...anyone got any pics?
nate, thanks again for trying for me with that bike.

now to your question.

park the bike on a flat surface, make sure that all four tires have the correct air pressure.

if so, then set your handle bars in the center position. you should be able to see if your front tires are toed in or out.

If so, then remove the front tires, you will see the steering arms that come from your steering head to your spindles. you can just loosen the out sidde jam nut on the ball joint, remove the ball joint from the spindle, then you can turn the joint in or out to get the tires even.

If that is not the problem, then check your wheel bearings, this can also cause a pull if they are bad, they will affect your camber and caster angles.

Hope this helps, if I get a chance latter, I will try to get a pic of the parts if you still need it.
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