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PULLING MOTOR driveshaft problems HELP

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Gotta rebuild the 01 450 Foreman and I'm pulling the motor to save myself about $400 in labor. I've disconected EVERYTHING just having problems removing the motor from the front and rear drive shaft. I was told that I could just slide the front end up about 2 inches and that would be enough to free it but I can't get it to slide up. EVERYONE PLEASE HELP! thanks.
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it will slide forward and dont forget about the front mount on the diff. sometimes it can be a pain to get the drive shalf out. The best way I have found is to take it out of the diff end first and then just pull if off the motor.
Pull the 3 bolts holding the diff in and pull the front mount off the frame, pull the diff as far forward as you can and ratchet it forward with a rachet strap or use a friend to hold it forward. The couple on the driveshaft close to the motor will compress since there is a spring in there. If you can get the couple to clear then the shaft will come out. Then you can get the motor out of the mounts and slid forward to get the rear u joint off. It will be easier to pull the front apart by removing the bolts for the bottom a arm, shock, and tie rod and picking it up and removing the cv out of the knuckle then pulling the cv out of the diff and removing the diff. Makes it easier when putting the motor back in.
It took a while but I finally got it taken out thanks yall
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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