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Pulling a boat around the yard

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Does anyone have any working experience w using the rubicon to tug a 3-4k lb boat across grass/dirt? The tongue weight of the trailer would surely exceed the 38lb capacity but seems like I once saw a contraption that would carry the trailer weight and this gizmo hooks to the ball. Thanks for any thoughts.

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Welcome chuck

I pulled a Lund 2150 Baron with a 200hp
outboard on gravel with a slight incline to the water
had to use 'Low' to pull it out but all seemed fine
give her ****.we push and pull big motorhomes w/a 450 es at work.these things are well over that weight.
just use esp and low range. 1 or 2 gear u should b good. we pulled a fullly load grain cart at work with 6.5 ton of seed in it. with a 05 rubicon. so a rubicon can do it aslong as ur in low and esp.
Thanks for the replies. Are you guys putting much weight on the ball? I thought this would be the most likely problem, ie, snapping the rear axel or something...
I'm guessing my tongue weight must be a couple hundred lbs or so.

I move my 17 foot camper around my land with no problem, only thing is my tires look like there going to blow.
are grain cart is a double axle. so not much tounge weight
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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