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Pullin' Logs

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I have a few Big trees on my property I cut down and need to pull out into an open space and was wondering how should I go about pulling the trees? Should I put a chain around them and hook it where on the bike? Or, should I just get a winch to do it? Thanks for the help guys.
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you can put a strap on your rear axel and just drag them.
We haul 8' lengths of maple out here, and all I use is a hitch ring

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and a regular chain with a slip/grab hook. If you haul alot you'll get abrasion on your strap and go through it in no time.
That looks like it will do the trick nicely.

Thank You
whenever i pull big stuff i get a tow strap and rap it around the axle behind the hitch. make sure it is behind the hitch because if it is just on the axle it may slide into the tire and couse problems.
I use a chain and clevis,put the clevis pin through the hole in the hitch.I have one of those three-way hitches that has two holes in it,one to mount a trailer ball and the other for a clevis pin
Thanks for the answers. I think I will either go with the hitch ring or the three way hitch.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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