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pull the cylinder to get to the trans gears???

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Im thinking you have to pull the cylinder to get to the trans gears, is this a correct assumption?
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It is not even 6 months old! I would check everythin else before I went through all of that.
thats a negative have to let HONDA do that....warranty man,warranty!! you HAVE to push that Biatch up on the trailer and drag it into the shop
I dont think he bought a warranty
Honda has a 6 month factory warranty I believe, and if it is something with the tranny I think I would let them foot the bill, there is no reason for the tranny to be going out already, what exactly did you do anyway?
Honda gives "good will warranty" ... What's wrong with the transmission ..?
under a heavy load (up a trailer, water wheelie) something pops, feels, sounds like its in the trans. This seems to happen in 1st gear, although I havent tried to do anything tough in any other gear. IM thinking it could be the u joint maybe?? Only seems to happen when the wheeler is going "up".
I jus gave it a good bath, and I plan to inspect the U Joint, if this is indeed the bad apple, what should I be looking for?
And I do have the remaining 2-3 mos of the factory warranty, but then I gotta tear everything down to stock, then wait for the idiots at the stealership to get it right. I would rather fix it myself I think.
It could be something in the the rearend also and it takes the torque of first gear to make it pop. With the lift though it could very well be a u joint. I would look for excessive play in the joint.
The swingarm has to be removed to inspect the universal joint & transmission spline .. and the rearend should be removed to inspect the pinion spline ..
honda mechanic, could you see my other post, I explained the symptoms better.
My buddy poped the joint on his 450 and whenever he would go forward it would knock. Is yours doing that?
On my 06,foreman 500 it'll make a pop noise when you punch it in 1st gear .
It's got a High Lifter lift kit,and 28" outlaws. on mine all it is it makes the ass end of the 4-wheeler come up and it makes the suspension let all the way out and it bottoms outs. that maybe the noise and the feeling that your having.
no, my noise is bad, its coming from the motor, im about 99% sure. Im bringing it in this weekend, and see how I do for warranty work.
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