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pull start question

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I have been trying to find the post about the pull start and what everyone was using to seal it up, but I cant find it I remember truegrit saying something about RTR or something like that any help would be appreciated
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I just got around to installing the HL leakshield, havent even run it since the installation but i will find out tommorrow if it works.

the sealent you are thinking about is RTV, stuff is great i used a tube of it myself even with the leakshield
i just used high temp silcone on my dads rancher
If you get a leak sheild tear off the factory gasket and use RTV to seal it...Using the factory gasket on the leaksheild will lead to failure...
.Travis isn't that where all the water is getting into the motor????
im not sure if thats were its coming in from
thanks for the help robb
I have been reading a lot of post from different forums some say its ok to seal up the pull starter and some say not. the main concern I am seeing is that you can't see if water is getting in if you don't have the leak shield, but if after you ride if you pull the starter out a little and you hear it grinding or if the cord is wet that should tell you if water and mud is still getting in there right.
I know my stock one had some water and junk on the pull cord after the first ride
Alot of good that leak shield did mullet had a guppy swimming in his pull start the leak shield made a good window.
At least he could see the water in it....thats the only advantage
So does this product work or not? I may be gettin' them
for ours if they work as advertised.
i guess with enough silicone anything will work. back to the drawing board
the leak sheild will work for about a month before the gasket fails...So to fix the problem, tear off the gasket that is glues to it and use RTV or silicone sealant and it will not leak anymore...
I threw away the factory foam type gasket awaw that came in the HL kit.I work in an auto shop so I used Permatex Ultra-Black to seal the shield,it's a h.d high temp rtv sealant.We use it all day long at the shop on cars and trucks.Alot of the newer cars and trucks use rtv instead of oil pan gaskets,valve covers,trans pans and thermostat's.This type of rtv does not blow out or leak,the key is to use a 1/4 inch silicone bead as the sealant and assemble fast and let it dry for a couple hours before adding fluids.My 04 foreman 450 with only 10 hours had alot of water signs inside the factory pullstart unit.The kit work good to eliminate water entering the lower end of the engine.Hope I could help,good luck!!!!!!!
I did rip the original gasket out and it still looked like a fish tank on the first ride after i installed it. I guess i missed a spot huh? cant see how though, but i guess i will find out.
Did you try putting some over the bolt holes as well?
would it cause any problems if a person just filled the recoil with grease? Just an idea and you can laugh if you would like. But then it is pretty much protected but still there if needed?
honestly doesnt sound like a half bad idea to me...with all the reading i have done about this problem i dont think i have ever heard that solution,but i am not the mechanic around here for sure.

maybe i can put a fitting on my leakshield and fill that up with some marine grease it would be like a huge buddy bearing
When I did mine,it never had water in the leakshield unit.But occasionally you'd see moisture or sweating on the clear lens part.I always thought it was from the humidity or condensation from the heat of the engine and going through alot of water.It never had a puddle inside though,Black rtv on cover and coat the bolts lightly and don't overtighten is the key.Good Luck...
well sealing up the pull start seemed to have worked I tested it out on Sunday. When I got home pulled the cord out and it was bone dry and no sound of any debry in the housing.
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