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what psi do yall run with your outlaws ........... i have 28x10.5 and 28x12.5 on stock rims.......... i just got them and was wondering what psi i shoud run?
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I put 12 in my 26s about 8 months ago. Not really sure what they have now. The ride quality doesn't bother me, aside from them slipping in sand all the time. They make great roosts though. The guys around here w/ 29.5 are running 4-5PSI to help smooth out the ride a bit.
im running 5 psi in my laws
7 PSI in my laws.
5psi here. Goin back to 2-3 though.
im running 20
QUOTE ("kdaddy":jc8at4ed)
im running 20
lol...those things are huge
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