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ProCom Magic Box Install ?

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Could anyone who has installed one of these magic box's on their bike please give me some answers....

1. How long are the leads on the magic box?

2. Did you need a disconnect switch to keep the box from draining the battery, with it having an LED light on it? (after it sits for a few days without riding?)

3. Where did you mount the box on your ATV, and how hard was it to connect the additional leads to the battery after having winches and so on attached also?

Thanks for any info you can give. PICs would be nice also, if you have some or can take some.

Clark (SupermanWV)
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Never heard of it. What does it do?
Never heard of it. What does it do?
It is some sort of capacitor type box that regulates the spart to 15amps constant. Supposed to increase horsepower and give more torque etc. I installed it today and it seems to do what it says. All gears seem a little more powerful. Do a search for MAGIC BOX on here and you will find some links to other websites about it.

oeder a external kill sitch off summit and extend the ositive lead. my bat had some dead cells i had probs with drainig but gone now
I'll see how it works out...if I need to I'll put a toggle in.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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