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problems with snorkle

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i first tried a 1.1/5 pvc but the motor bogged down when i gave it gas then i went to a 2in pvc and it does the same thing someone told me my foreman had to be jetted is this true ? any answers on why it not working i have tried turning the top tward the wind and away from the wind and it still acts like it is not gettin enough air to it i have a high flow filter for it!
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man i had the same problem i had to run a twin 1.5 and now it works wonder full i done exactly what you done finally gave in and done the twin besides workin wonder ful its looks like a beast with the twins i will post pics in a minute
i used a y pipe after i come out of the airbox like so
so 1.5 twins thank will be trying that in 5 minute
too much air.
cover half (maybe more) of it with your hand
let me kniw if it works for u
I have a 2" on mine with some tape over part of the intake. It works fine, same as my roommates, and he has a jet kit in his. I am going to try to down size mine to a 1.5" hose.
i have a 2" pvc setup, never had any problems with it...all you have to do is adjust the fuel mix screw to match the increased air coming into the engine.
Sorry not trying to change the subject, but I would like to ask Shubin how do you like that front Bison bumper? I was thinking about one of those.
for the price they are definitely a good buy can get both of em on ebay as a pair for 263 shipped took 4 days from canada on the western side to n.c. love the look of em on my foreman makes it look like a beast but so does the 14's with 27's
I run mine 1.5" out of the box to 2" and all i did was turn up the idle a bit. works like a jewel. I've done two foremans the same way so far.
I said early on that with the 2" I had no problems, but I only rode the bike for about 30 minutes.
I rode it the other day, and it was bogging, and acting like it had no power while I was in the Everglades. Got it home and checked the spark plug, and found that it was running way to lean.
So I took a spare 165 jet(162 stock) and put it in, spaced the needle out with a small washer, clipped about 1/2" off of the spring, and adjust my air fuel mixture.
It seems to be running better, and has a little more go to it.
I am going riding tomorrow, I will let yall know what I find.
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