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Problems in ESP mode!!!!!

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I am having problems in ESP mode! It will work fine then when i turn my headlights on it will not downshift? Anyone know what the problem could be? Thanks Dustin
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hows it goin man i noticed you havent been on. check your battery, a person i ride with had this same problem with his rancher. ESP can be weird sometimes when your battery is going bad.
Mad Mudder is right....It's probably the battery.
Ok thanks. Ya i was sorta thinking battery!! But i put charger on it and it did not help at all! I guess if battery is to bad it won't help. Thanks again and no I haven't been on much I will try to get on more often though. Seeya
Hey just wanted to let everyone know that the prob with my bike was the connector on my ESP switch was really dirty! I took it apart and cleaned it up it is working great now! Thanks Dustin
Just to let everyone know it was NOT the battery it was a dirty connector on my shift switch!!
Thanks Dustin
I would have guessed battery, glad your up and running myers4712
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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