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Problem with front axles

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Has anyone had any problems with the front axles (right side sitting on bike) always popping out of the diff. It started awhile ago when i broke my front axle (left side). so i upgraded both axles and then the problem started does anyone know what it could be. I opened up the diff everything looks good inside. I have the spool locker in it, has anyone ever broke one ? I don't know what else to look at . Can anyone please help me? THANKS
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the grove that the cir-clip locks inside the diff may be rounded just enough and letting the axle slip out when it's under a load. you may also need to stretch out the clip to make it lock better.
THANKS. I have tried that. The axle goes in really tight but comes out under heavy load. I was thinking something could of happened inside the diff, I opened it up and everything looks good insided that's why i'm stumped. I'm trying to get it ready for hunting season and it's p#$^ing me off, trying to figure this out. Dirty4man is there a chance that inside the diff where the cir-clip sits could of rounded out.(looked good when i opened it). Also the cir-clips are missing when it comes out(not in the diff).
I would think it is rounded off or either cracked, but that doesn't explain where the cir-clip is going. we had a similar problem with the wifes bike early in the year. This is what I found when I got it home. this is the part that holds the axle in the diff..
<a href="" target="_blank"> ... 17-D02.JPG</a>
This is what it done to the axle.
<a href="" target="_blank"> ... 17-D06.JPG</a>
I'll take a better look next week when i go get the bike from the cottage. Hopefully you have found my problem. THANKS
Just a thought, where the new axles the correct lenght?
Yes i checked them 3 times. They are called Axle system axles i think they are the Canadian version of Gorllia axles. The joint is on a spline setup so they can contract or expand. It's Thanksgiving this weekend ( long weekend ) in Canada so i can go and pick up the quad and check it out next week. I'm going to rip the diff apart to make sure there is no crack in any of the gears. I'm thinking the problem is in the diff, so we will see.
good luck and let us know what you find.
I think i found out my problem. the small gear that holds the axle in place looks warn out also the housing that sits in the bearing is totally shreded. does anyone have a diagram with part numbers on it. It's for a 2000 450 es. or do i have to replace the whole front diff. THANKS
you can buy replacement parts for it, here is one site with the part #'s
I would like to see picture of it if possible. I might also have a few parts available for it as well
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>
I went to get the camera, but my kids beat me to it. So now the camera is in more pieces than the atv. That's ok, now it's time to upgrade. As for the atv i ordered the parts already hopefully there here by the end of the week.Thanks Dirty for the website just wanted a pic, just in case i have extra parts. I 'll post some pics when i get a camera.
I had the same problem my CV joint was rusty and locking up i cleaned it all up and put a new boot on it. but i dident find that out untill i allready had the front end out and tore apart. Make sure you buy a seal kit for the front end.
Finally got some pics. Had to replace the two parts. They were totally gone the gear is rounded inside so the cir-clip would not hold, the housing is destroyed. Now have to fully assemble and let the mud begin to fly again
yep looks familiar, don't forget to use some thread lock when reinstalling the bolts on the inside of the diff.
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