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Problem Code 6-6-1

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I ran the self diagnostic on my Ruby and I'm getting the code 6-6-1. Could someone break it down for me, I know it is in reference to the angle sensor I think, but am not 100% clear.

What are some of the running signs I would see? eg: Idle, Hard to start? Stuff like that. I am planning on taking it to the the local dealer and having them give it the year tune up, Just want to have an idea of what to expect.

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i had four angle sencers go out on mine and the only thing that i notised was that it would not shift and it would eather be stuck in high or low gear. also when you take it to the shop tell them to tale a voltage test, that way they might track the problem down to something else. also tell them to check the number of turns in the control motor (they should know what that means) if it is your angle sencer ask for the updated angle sencer, they cost a good bit more but some of the older angle sencers have a problem with them and they are junk i think its the 05 modles.
Code 6 is angle sensor system (swash plate angle) .. Code 1 is pulse generator .. The bike will save codes ,the only way to get a code is to erase the codes, take the bike for a drive then do a code retrieval ..
Well Just got back from dropping the bike off at the local Honda dealer. They are going to once over it, and give it the yearly servicing. They said most likely they would have it ready by the end of the week. I hope, I havn't been able to ride it for a month or so, do to the strange noise comming from the tranny. Hoping it is just low oil pressure. Well I'll let ya all know how things turn out.

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