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Pro Curcuit Thermostrips

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I seen these in the ATV Action Magazine a few months ago and then seen them at the Honda dealer today and had to get one. It works pretty good, I checked it when the fan came on and it read between 182 and 193 degrees. Where are a few pics.
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nice but what exactly is the safe operating range
I have watched it a few more times and the fan kicks on between 182 and 193 degress, a little closer to 193. When the fan comes on it cools down to 171 and stays there about the whole time the fan is running. Then starts all over again.
about how long does it take it to get to 193
I am not real sure. It depends on how hard you ride your quad. The next time I get it out I will see what time it is when I start it up and then see how long it takes for it to get to that temp.
That is cool! a lot cheaper than the H.L. pyrometer I bet.
The price was not too bad, it was $16.99 I THINK, I cant remember. I love it though, I always check it when the fan comes on and when it turns off.
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