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Price on a Foreman Rear Setup???

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What would the whole rear setup off of my 05 Rubicon go for? Any ideas? I'm talking the axle, shafts, differential, shocks, and swingarm.
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Sounds like something is in the works . I will buy the rear springs from you if that helps.........
QUOTE ("Eric":3cvb720w)
Sounds like something is in the works . :

Yep... The ball is definitely rolling... As for the shocks, I will keep you in mind.
so whats you planing
i dont really know what used stuff like that is going for but take a look on ebay to see what other people are selling it for. for all of it, it would proubly go between $400-$500. once stuff is used it is harder to get rid of unless it has a good price. i really dont know about them prices so i would make sure before i sold it.
i might b interest in ur rear shocks. i bet ur goin to build a IRS..
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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