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Price for a still new 450es

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I found a place that has a new o4 450 es, is $4799 too much for a new quad thats 2 years old?
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Not if your not willing to travel. You can get a brand new Foreman 4x4 in Tenn. for less than 5k.

In most parts a new 500 4x4 is in the 6-7k range. Depends if you want to travel or not to get a new one. Although I think the 450 is more of a tank. jk all you 500's fellerz!
That price ain't bad at all. I paid $6,200 for mine & $5,700 for Jennifers.
How far would you have to drive to pick it up? Them 450's are as tough
as they come.
Yeah I think they will have a hard time selling it for that price when you can get a updated one for 400-500 more.
If it has no miles on it I'd give them $4700, I paid $5600 for mine brand new and up here it would sell for that price. If you can get a newer one for $400 more then maybe you should offer them $4500 and see what they say.
The kelley blue book for and 04 450 ES in excellent condition is about $4300. I would see if they would go down on the price a little more.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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