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Pressure washing

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I normally just use the water hose and a nozzle. I spray a while scrub a while. Yesterday we had a good day of playing in the mud, and my yellow foreman was brown. I stood it up on the back rack and used the pressure washer on it. The pressure washer cut my clean up time down from about an hour to about ten minutes. Does anyone know of any problems I might encounter by using a pressure washer on it, or by standing it up on it's back rack for a prolonged period of time? I just turn the fuel off put it in gear, lock the parking brake, grab the front bumper and flip it up, once the back rack touches it will stand by itself if the ground is level.
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Great way of cleaning the under carrage. I have done this for years and no problems. I need to be careful with the Rincon because the oil runs away from the motor. I need to let it set for a minute until the oil returns and all is fine. Be careful with the pressure washer in the cv boots and other delicate rubber parts. Don't tear them or force water into them. Other that that.... your good to go..
I pressure wash mine all the time. Avoid the stickers or you wont have any left!
Whar happens to the fuel in the carburetor.....doesn't it just run into the air box? I'm talking about when standing the atv up on the back rack.
yes the fuel will run in the air box. if your have a stock filter the gas will deform it. I stand mine up all the time, but I also turn the fuel off and run it out of gas.
i have hade no problems Pressure washing my bikes but on top of that we have are own pressure washer that is at 6000 for pressure where as normal ones (towns) are normaly about 2500-3500. just don't get to close to the sensitive areas.
Ahhh,I see.Turn the gas off then run the bike till it quits.Never thought of that!
pressure washer

Go to lowes and for about $100 buy a electric pressure washer with about 1500 to 2000 psi,mine works great and you don't have to worry about to much pressure
Im using a 1200lb presure washer only thing ive encountered was a lost sticker and water getting into my (relay i think) to my fan motor, which in turn made my oil temp light go on an off stay on blal blal blal... marine greased the connectors and sealed it up with bathroom silicone. No more probs
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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