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Preformance with big tires

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I just put 14"wheels and 27"tires on my Foreman S 500. Any input on how it is going to affect the take off and speed of my bike. thanks
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just a little slower on the top end and less bottom end just a little slower all around

if u got outlaws then when u get in some sticky mud u might have a tough time turning them
Im running 27 itp's with 12 inch wheels on mine and i find that you do lose about 4 miles an hour on the top end. But as far as the lower end I have a little trouble turning them over in second when the mud is thick but i do get through it fairly easy.
If I get in the bad stuff I put it in 1st, I can get through a lot holes in second.
Yea for me its usally 1st gear in the real nasty stuff unless im in 2wd and the mud isnt that sticky.
How did that clutch kit work sasquatch? I am thinking of putting one on mine.
CajunForeman..I have a 500 Foreman and a 650 Rincon...The 650 Rincon had a top speed ( stock ) of over with 27's and a lift kit...only goes over 48,50. Was it just stronger when it was new, and now its really worn out? It only has maybe 150 hours.. Did I do damage somewhere along the line? It is still super strong in the mud and pulling people out, but you scare me with the 4mph thing...
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