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preformance upgrades

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well im looking for some cheap but terrific preformance upgrades i need more power because i just got some 26 inch mudlite XL's i need more power to go through the mud in second gear anyone got any ideas?
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I have the same bike and running 26 mudlites. I use 1st more now but I rejetted and going to change muffler to f0-4 should help.How much do you want to spend.The possibilities are endless.
After putting 27" Mudlite XL's on my bike, I put an EPI clutch kit on it and that made a very big difference. About $60 for the kit and a little time to install it. Makes a bigger difference than the jetting and exhuast with a fraction of the cost.
well i was fixing to buy an HMF penland pro exhaust then i have to get a couple more paychechs and get a dial a jet i heard there pretty good. can u give me a website so i can look at the clutch kits?
Click on PRODUCTS - SHOP NOW - Scroll down and click on PERFORMANCE - CLUTCH KITS - OUTLAW CLUTCH KITS click on MORE INFO - HONDA OUTLAW CLUTCH KIT click on MORE INFO - Scroll down to Outlaw Super-Duty Clutch Kit - Honda Foreman 400 (97-03), Foreman 450 (98-04) and Click on MORE INFO

This is the best Clutch Kit on the market. I wish I had gotten it but the EPI I have is fine. The Highlifter Outlaw CLutch Kit was designed by EPI and Highlifter together. The would be a good site to get other upgrades too. Their Performance Kits are awesome and priced well too.

You can call 1-800-699-0947 or (318) 524-2270 to talk to some one direct for advice on upgrades and details on the parts. I always talk to Damon Blue, he is very knowledgale on Hondas.

If you need any other help or advice, feel free to pm me.
ok thanks alot!! cause i was thinking of getting some stuff soon ill defenitly look at that stuff!
Let me know how things go and how you upgrades go.
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