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Preflex long travel supention kit?

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Hey Guys, Iwas wondering what the Preflex long travel suspention kit was?
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It basically a set of brackets that change the shocks to a more vertical mounting position. This supposedly provides about 1" of lift , softens the suspension and increases suspension travel. Most posters here seem to like the results.
I run the Perfex Lift Kit only on mine. This kit just provides about 1" of lift without changing the ride. I did not want to soften the ride as i carry a lot of extra weight.
I just put one on my foreman and I think it's going to be a great mod. I have not been able to really ride it but I took it up and down the ally a few times and could tell a big difference. My kit looks nothing like the one in the pictures.
I posted the pics to show the difference in the 2 kits. Yours is the Perfex long travel suspension kit. Mine is the Perfex lift kit. Lift kit is about half the cost of the Long travel kit but it does not soften the ride. Just wanted to make sure everyone knew that Perfex makes two different kits for different results. I didn't know that when I bought mine but I lucked in to the best one for my application.
I did not notice they made a lift kit! Cool!
Not for the Foreman 500; just the long travel.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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