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I know this may sound like a stupid question to all you veterans out there but Im wondering what a K&N precharger is. I have the filter but will the precharger create more power?
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the precharger is just added filtration for dustier than normal conditions, not that i know for sure becasue i dont have one, but i would like to have one. So if anybody knows where i can get one let me know
Yeah it is also reffered to as "Outerwares"
I ordered some for ours. With the snorkels, i feel it is a must. I ordered
them from for $9.95 a piece plus tax, title,
I think when you buy the K & N power kit the pre-charger comes with it, at least it did when i bought one for the 300 i use to own.
Do you think its needed? I thought the K&N would be able to filter out enough. What is the risk of not running one?
Carl ran his with just the filter for almost 2 years. He didn't add the pre filter until he got the snorkel, pipe and jet.
Like someone said before, all it does is filter a little more air, it shouldn't really be that necessary unless you ride on a bunch of dusty trails.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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