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need more power for the 500 i have a pipe and clutch kit will a jet kit and k&n really help is it worth it thinking of trading in for a brute force
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What....are you gonna be a honda traitor??
You should have rejetted w/ the pipe. The Filter and Jet kit will help. But the stock 750 will still have more power.
Theres always Yamaha
Go Kawi 750 Join the Dark Side
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If you are thinking of changing I hope you like working on them. A guy I know has Kawi 750 on 29's, he has gone through 2 rearends and 1 front end, and only 1 rearend had a good excuse. And we all know of those Yama.
This thread could get ugly...haha
honda pride

don't back out on honda........wheres your honda pride?
If you go kawi go BF650 or prairie 700.
QUOTE ("nate":3set840c)
thinking of trading in for a brute force
I thought we were friends.
#1)Brute force will spoil you to the point where you would never be happy on something of a lesser power.

#2)Brute force will break a lot

#3)Brute force is the biggest P.O.S. atv ever made

#4)Are you crazy for even thinking?

#5)Have a good day!

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Nate Dont Listen to Them Come Join the Dark Side

1 Automatic transmission Always Have one hand free for your beverage

2. More Power than you will know what to do with
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Listen to Eurobro & myself. Don't heed to the Dark Side.
Use the Force! Use the Force!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Use the Force! Use the Force!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Use the Brute Force HA HA
That ain't what i meant.
QUOTE ("Railroader":3bpg288r)
That ain't what i meant.
You know deep down you have a secret love for the Kawi
QUOTE ("eurobro":1a742s5i)
#3)Brute force is the biggest P.O.S. atv ever made
Amen to that. My buddy couldn't afford to keep his brute force running. Traded it for a HONDA.
Dont make me lock your account Nate!!!
ok ok geez i have decided just to keep it and do a 2
inch snorkel and jet with k&n oh and i got the ok on the gorilla lift oh man it's gonna be sweet to bad i can't ride for like 3 monthes i have been in and out of doctors office i slipped a disc on my lower back and it's pinching my spinal cord...**** dirtbike...anyway gotta have surgery so gives me sometime to save plus i love you guys to much to sell out that sounded bad..oh well later
honda pride

I think that you should stick with your foreman 500........where is your honda pride?
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