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Power Tips?

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What's the deal with these Power Tip things. Look like a gimmick. Do any of you have experience with this product?
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How many times you going to post this??????? LOL

I think there a rip off dude. What could they do really????
Sometimes the website does not respond so I refresh and look what happened................

Yeah, I just can't see what they would do, but I do like gadgets
I'm a gadget freak too!
i bought one before i got the HMF, you cant really notice a difference i jsut go it for the looks and it sounds a lil better than stock
yeah i had one before i got my hmf and it looks good, sound meatier than stock but no real performance increase
Do they come with a spark resistor?
no it basically replaces the factory spark arrestor
i have one

i have one from ebay, it is chrome. it makes the bike really loud and it made mine backfire a lot for some reason. but that is about it. it sounded really good, but actually hindered my performance.

i did find out something cool though, the power tip is perfect if you want to thread the inside and make an exhaust snorkel. that way you still have the stock one if you had to being it in the shop.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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