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Power tips

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They say it does, but i don't see how it would. I don't see how just the tip
could do that much, but that's just my thinkin'.
I have to agree with RR that doesnt look like it will do anything but take your $43.00. Save up another $207.00 and get an HMF pipe that will actually do something for you.
I got on of those tips for my bike before i got my hmf pipe you might gain just a little bit of power, but all it really does is make it louder. Not as loud as a hmf. You might as well just get an hmf and be done with it.
I don't want to buy one I just wondered if they worked. It looks like a gimmick to me.
its just like taking off the back spark arrestor in stead of a big flat hole you have a chrome looking tip the picture illistrates what it will cover up.
i bought a similiar one off ebay for 12.99. It doesn't give you any noticable performance inhancement....but it did serve as a great mount to add some exhaust pipe to and extend it up...hehe
Here is a pic of the one I bought off of Ebay, I like the sound it gives your stock exhaust, but the thing I dont like is that it backfires a lot if you are doing a lot of mudding to where you are shifting from forward to reverse a lot. But if you are running in the foward gears like trail riding and keeping the RPM's up it sounds good. The only thing i noticed is just more noise from the exhaust but have not noticed it running too lean or anything from the spark plug color.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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