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Power Question

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I have a Drag race next saturday and i was wondering if i can get anymore power out of my bike? i have a k&n air fliter and a hmf exhaust on it is there i dont feel like jetting it cause ill move up a class need HELP ASAP!!!!
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what kind of quad is it? u know you are running alot more air threw that eng now that u have a hiflow filter and an higher flow exhaust, your gunna be running lean, bad news for your eng.

if its a foreman u can clip the carb spring, its not going to give you any more power, just make it snapper off the line. worth it, and its free.

4 screws on top of the carb, pull off plate, 7in spring, cut 2 1/2 in off, about 8 or 9 coils counting the bunched up ones, some do more...... place spring back in carb with cut end up. its free and its easy.

keep us posted

If you're looking to drag race a Foreman.....................uhhh, you bought the wrong bike
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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