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Power question

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I'm runnin 27" Swamp Lites on my 2007 Foreman and for the hill climbs that we do in the snow here in Alaska I have to be in 2cd gear to have enough umph to make it to the top. Now granted these "hills" are pretty darn steep. To the point where it's not something to try and climb on foot.

Would a K&N filter swap and an HMF pipe give me anymore power without having to rejet the carb? The reason I ask is b/c there is no such thing as a dealer anywhere near me without having to make a 7 hour ferry trip one way and then drive for another 2 hours to get to Anchorage. I've never messed with the carbs, and the rejetting I believe would be a little too much for my mechanical skills.

Just another drawback of living in BFE Alaska. It's hard enough to buy clothes here much less get some work done to a 4 wheeler!!
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It's not hard. Just watch what you take apart and put it back together. All you have to do is turn the carb upside down take out 4 screws. The jet is on the bottom. Flat head screw driver unscrew the old jet and screw the new one just tight but not strip tight. I have pics in how much power is in your foreman thread just click and look.
Is it just a matter of installing a new jet that comes with the kit and assuming it's right? I thought rejetting meant trying progressivly larger jets, running the bike,checking the plug till the bike runs rich and then stepping back down 1 jet size. Then you had to make several more adjustments like the pilot circuit and a/f mixture to get rid of any dead spots in the throttle range.
What about the special screwdriver or dremel tool work people talk about?
This is why I was not thinking about a power kit.
So is it really that easy? More power and smooth running just by installing the jet supplied.
Yes and with the NGK Iridium spark plug It will run and start better then when you first got it from the dealer!
Sweet! The trails may get a little louder here in the spring. HMF and jet might have to be the next mod. Anyone know if they list one for a 95 400 or do I use one listed for another bike?

Ring King Didn't mean to sidetrack your thread. Seems we have the same concerns with the jetting so I guess any replies will be of interest.
no offense, but how in the flip do you turn over the carb, tried that and all i did was tear a hole in the the hose going from the carb into the airbox
Not a problem H4. Any comments can only help my situation. When I say I'm not so mechanically inclined I don't mean to sound like a total idiot, but I just don't trust myself to do carb work. Maybe I'll try to find a local snow machine guru that knows enough to help out. This is one project I ain't tryin by myself.

Now, the 2cd question would be which model HMF gives the most benefit to our Foremans. They make several for it, but I need a good one!! Not real worried about the noise level as long as I don't need hearing protection to run it.
From what I understand, HMF utility seems to be the choice for max power gains. They are loud but sound great.
I am more concerned about noise than you are as I use the bike just about every weekend in a popular cabin area and every year for moose hunting. I'm leaning towards the utility with the optional quiet core or perhaps the FMF powerline. Can't find an HMF listing for my bike so I'm hoping someone will reply with info on what would fit.
I share your reluctance to mess with the carb and most people consider me to be very mechanically inclined(job related). Took the first step yesterday and clipped the carb spring just because I couldn't get out for a ride.
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